from our tribe to yours in January

Well we had heard that this would be a cold winter and it has been so true. The coldest and snowiest I ever remember. I wonder what that could mean. All too often the spiritual things are reflected in the natural around us. could it be that people’s hearts are growing cold? Could it be that the political scene is catching up with us? Could it be that the Lord is holding back, waiting for us to call out to Him? It could be many things. I don;t watch TV so I have no idea what the mainstream TV preachers are saying and I am really not interested. What I am interested in is what the Lord is saying to His everyday, basking in His presence, not wanting to be seen average person. What is He saying to you and me? I see folks become distant from Him. The farther you get from the light, the colder it is. I see folks becoming way too comfortable with compromise. I see less hunger. I see danger ahead for us as a country. Prayer and not being afraid to speak His Word is the only thing that will make a difference.

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