I will follow

As many of you know we live on a horse farm. Well we usually cut, rake, bale and put up our own hay. It is time consuming but costs almost nothing that way. But we do have to feed hay twice a day that way. When we get near the end of the season or when it is really bad weather we put out hay rolls which amounts to an all you can eat buffet for our horses. Horses truly do eat like horses. It is amazing when fed like that they really become gluttons. It is not unreasonable for them to forget all about us and us not see them for days. After they have stuffed themselves they will actually lay down in it. The stronger ones will boss over the younger ones just to get what they want. Funny thing is is that even though they have all they want it isn’t as good quality as the stuff we feed from the barn. I mentioned to one of my daughters that I doubted her horse would come up to the gate for grain or to be brushed. She said something so profound.

When she hears my voice she will come, she will follow me anywhere, she loves me.

Wow, I wonder how many of us God can say that about. Wouldn’t you love to be known for that trait? That you follow His voice anywhere. How often do we? Follow Him that is.

Why is that, why do so few of us follow His voice. we recognize it, we know it is His. Yet just like most of our horses we are too busy stuffing ourselves with what we want, trying to get it before the next guy. Gluttoning our flesh with our own desires, the things of this world. All the while Jesus desires to give us something better, something even more fulfilling than what we think is the best. So it is really up to us. We can glutton on the stuff in the field, or we can harken to His voice and get the best from His barns.

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