July 2011 ~~~~~ volume 14 number 7

our tribe to yours

Well families grow. And ours is growing.

change is inevitable

Our meetings with Beau Barton and his family were as usual, incredible. He can preach a message that you can ponder on and get revelation from for months. Times are changing whether we like it or not. Time to choose sides.

The Well

  THE WELL       thewelltn.com -is the site for our local church. The Well. As always I am updating it. The Well is located in downtown Mt Pleasant TN. Check the site for more details, or give us a call at 931-379-9244. If you are hungry for more of Jesus and within driving distance then this […]

Behind bars

The county jail weekly meetings and the maximum security prison monthly meetings are some of the most productive places we minister. The men here have no one to impress and rarely put on a false front. They know that without Jesus they are nothing and in their own right they have truly messed up. They […]

in closing, needs and prayer requests,

The needs are always many and we have had requests to do more meetings at the jail and at the prison, please pray for provision. We know that we couldn’t do any part of this without your prayers and support, we thank you! We love you! Sincerely, in Him, Penny, Jim, and the Raine Tribe