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from our tribe to yours in February

  Well, we usually like to slow down during the winter before the business of spring but that never happened. So my message for you this month is also one for me, as usual. The Lord has been faithful in blessing our efforts for Him. Whether the crowd is one or a thousand, or sometimes […]

from our tribe to yours in January

Wow, this has by far been the coldest snowiest winter ever. We continue to minister at the county jail, maximum security prison, our local church and online. Wow, it has been 14 years. Our children that join in this ministry have blessed us again and again, their perseverance is amazing. We pray that you too […]

from our tribe to yours in December

Wow,what a year. As I have often said, if I had known last year what the year would hold, I am not so sure I would have signed up for it! But alas we made it. And we will continue to,in Jesus mighty name, because we are not alone. We are never alone when we […]

from our tribe to yours in November

Wow, this has been a year of changes, and new things. And growing pains. We have so many friends with such serious prayers requests, and we have friends who were here last year and this year they are with the Lord. Remember that as we approach the Holiday Season. Folks often tend to get so […]

from our tribe to yours in October

Wow, time for a new picture, don’t you think? Things are busy here as we prepare for winter, and the seasons changing. Change seems to be the word of the year in our lives. Change can be hard sometimes but we know that He is in control. We gave the Lord leadership over our family […]

from our tribe to yours in September

Well around our farm it is still hot and very much like summer, even though fall officially starts tomorrow. There is still the feeling of change coming, and so much to do to prepare for winter. However that always brings up the subject of how prepared hearts are. Are they? Do we just go through […]