the year in review

This year has been one of many changes. We had two great and mighty men of God join us during the summer, both David Hogan and Beau Barton joined us. Beau Barton preached a message I am still feeding off of. It was pretty much what sums up our entire ministry but I sure needed to hear it again.
When Paul and Silas worshiped everyone’s chains fell off! Wow!
The Lord is so good to send someone with a Word right when you need it most. He is always faithful. And it is so inspiring to see when His people are faithful. You know Beau and Rachel could have given up a long time ago. Their conditions in Mexico are not only uncomfortable but downright dangerous. Puts us American to shame. We complain when the weather is too hot. We are extremely blessed to call both the Barton family and the Hogans friends.
Thank You Lord.

We have had a lot of struggles this past year but no one ever said it was going to be easy, we know it is worth it. We know that while there are those who are standing by rooting us on there are also those who stand by slandering us and trying to trip us up. Well, the bad news for them is that we are in this for the duration. So they might as well give up. Because Jesus is on our side. Each of us has the choice whom we will serve.

We are looking for more in 2011. More of Jesus and yes more struggles. We do not preach a candy coated Gospel. We believe there is constantly a fight going on for the souls of mankind.

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