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This is actually an excerpt from our ministry newsletter printed in 2000, but I hunted it down for you because it is worth repeating. ~~~~

As we are now into the busiest time of the year for most people, I urge you to stop, take a moment,(or 5 or 60) and spend some time with Jesus. What does Christmas mean to you? Is it about Jesus, or tradition of man? For most of you, you’ll answer, “it’s about Jesus”, yet we can get so busy we forget all about Him. Have you spent more time wrapping presents than you have in prayer? Have you spent more time shopping than witnessing? Have you decorated your house but forgotten to put the “garment of praise” on yourself? Have you bought presents for everyone but the one whose birthday it is supposed to be? Is it time for a change? Am I really starting to get to you? To begin with Christmas really has nothing to do with the Lord, and if the original apostles were still around they would not distract from the Lord’s work to celebrate it. Most theologians will tell you Jesus was probably born in the fall not winter, but the time is not told us exactly in scripture for the very reason that we would make it the event it has now become. But, since in America we are already distracted, and have already made an “event” out of it, let’s use it to His advantage! This is one of the few times of the year people will listen about Jesus. Here is my year 2000 suggestion list for gifts for Jesus,

  • Our favorite!! Write a love letter to Jesus, keep them until Christmas day then read them as a family
  • give a Jesus video to each of your neighbors and family members
  • Find a busy shopping corner, get the children singing carols, read the Christmas story from scripture and then keep reading, go right through the crucifixion then ask the crowd if there are any questions or prayer requests, all this should be done loud enough to hear from a distance, but not obnoxiously
  • invite a few ‘lonesome friends” for supper and share the love of Jesus with them
  • write down your testimony, the whole story, then give it to your parents, grown children, and any unsaved family members
  • give a monetary gift (sacrifice, make it hurt) to a ministry, missionary, or homeless mission that really shares the gospel, not toys to needy children, but to somewhere that shares JESUS to the broken ones
  • give your time at a mission or other place that shares the gospel
  • spend a day fasting and praying for your community
  • write a love song to Jesus and teach it to your family
  • have tracts printed and pass them out
  • give the Lord that one thing He keeps asking you for (time, chocolate, cigarettes, t.v., your new truck,) whatever is getting between you and Him, your idols
  • buy bibles instead of other gifts
  • all of these ideas require some prayer before hand, that is giving Jesus the gift He most desires,

your attention!!!! just to spend time with you!!!!!

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