in closing, needs and prayer requests,

As always we haveĀ  needs and as usual I am not going to give too many details. Know that we GREATLY appreciate your prayers that are led by the Lord.

The folks we minister to have needs also, but they don’t need toys for their kids or even in most cases groceries. They need more of Jesus, and an understanding of His love. They have gov aid for the earthly things, we do not even attempt to supply those needs as there are a million agencies that do and in our experience that just causes them to depend more on those agencies. They get all their earthly needs met and then spend the cash on drugs. UUGGHH a never ending cycle. The only thing that will help is Jesus, and they have to realize they need Him. So, pray for the inmates and addicts we minister to, to become more needy! And for that need to be filled by the Real Thing!

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