1,2,3, go!

Priorities, hmm does that bring up positive thoughts or negative ones? Does it make you want to repent or celebrate?

We each have 24 hours in a day, the same for everyone of us. Yet some folks never seem to have enough while others are “right on time.” It is hard to get get where you are going if you don’t have a map. It helps if we map out our day, week, month, years. If you are a real go getter and ambitious you probably have more things on your ‘to-do” list than you do time to do them, but then you probably also have very little wasted time. The point of it all is, is what you are doing profitable to God’s kingdom? Everything else will burn someday. It is only what you do for Him that will last.

Each and every day should start with Him in mind. We should approach our day with what benefits Him most and give every moment to Him. It really is all His anyway.

As a mother (among many other things) I know that if Jesus were to call us home today He would be much more pleased with whether I had spent time with my children than He would about how much time I spent vacuuming. Not that cleaning is not important. I really cannot focus on anything in a dirty house. But a clean house comes secondary to creating a clean heart in myself or my children. And nothing I do benefits anyone if I have not first spent time with the Lord.

So go on out and tackle the world! But do it with the Kingdom of God in mind!

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