who needs love ???

I know I do. I cannot get through my day without the knowing in my heart that I am loved.

Recently I found out that someone I loved and trusted, a very dear friend, had betrayed me. They had been deceiving me for years, they pretty much had a double life going. I don’t think there is any greater pain than to know you have been betrayed by someone you love.

The Lord said He would never leave us or forsake us. He will never ever betray us. Yet He was betrayed and took betrayal for us. That is what we hold onto. In times of trouble we hold onto the fact that He won’t do what others have done, even though it also happened to him. Yet we cannot understand any of that until we understand how much He loves us.

How can we know His love? By resting in His presence daily. If you knew which would be an easy day and which would be a hard day, you might be able to get away with only praying some days. But trust me, those hard times would sneak up on you unexpectedly anyway. Life is like that.

I need Jesus every morning even more than I need a cup of coffee.

When I spend time with Him first He prepares me. I can get through anything as long as I know He loves me, but I am human, I need to be reminded. Daily.  And He tells me He loves me. Every time I stop to listen.

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