not backing down

We have seen our fair share of trials in this life. And they are usually timed right before God is about to so something mighty. I hadn’t heard much about David hogan lately. Most of us heard him back around “98 and ’99 when he preached that incredible series at Brownsville. Overnight he was the guy to hear. The testimonies alone of what God was doing through their ministry brought faith, amazing faith. But then as the body of Christ usually does they went onto something else. They believe in healing one week but not the next. All too often it is the same with salvation. Folks get saved one week but then forget all about it soon enough.

Jesus is not a one time event!

He is an everyday event if you want to stay alive.

So when I talked to someone who went to the Brownsville school who had never even heard of David Hogan I wasn’t too surprised. Yet I know that God knows his name and so does the kingdom of darkness. You know how I know? Because the minute we started preparing for these meetings all hell broke out against us. I did not mean that as a coarse word but literally. We have made great sacrifices for the kingdom of God and are currently making another one. Is that the time to back down? NO! That is the time to move forward with more power, more love and more determination. We warned folks around us to be prayed up, but some were too busy doing their own thing. That can not happen we must always be busy doing HIS things. So anyway, I say all that to encourage you to move forward, and when things get tough, move forward with MORE determination! There is no coasting in the Kingdom of God.

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