from our tribe to yours in February

Well my dear friends, it seems like springtime is standing at the starting gate waiting for it to open. We have so much coming up soon.

June 22 and 23 we will be hosting David Hogan at our small local church The Well.

Then in July Beau Barton will be here.

We are already preparing and if you would like to be part of those preparations please let us know. Our church is not ready for a gathering of that size and we will be in need of a few things.  For those of you who don’t know, our small community is mostly known for it’s poverty and drug related crimes. It is a mission field not unlike a third world country. Drugs are peddled openly on the street only blocks from city hall. There are many, many of the inhabitants on gov aid. It is a perfect place for a true revival. Not a two day revival where everyone goes home the same, but a true hearts changed, we don’t even remember who was preaching type of revival. The kind that can happen anytime any place where there are hungry folks. Our church does not financially support this ministry family. This ministry family supports and pays most of the bills for our church. So any and all support is greatly welcomed. Just clearing that up for anyone who thinks we get a salary 🙂 . We don’t but what we do we do because we love what the Lord has called us to. I so long to see the people of this community be filled with HOPE!

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