from our tribe to yours in October

Well, we have new pictures waiting to be edited. Add that to my huge to do list! I will be sending them along with our yearly greetings at Thanksgiving. It is a busy time of year here, lots going on, and always there are folks with needs. Not the kind of needs you read about in the newspaper this time of year, like “Johnny needs a new toy train, won’t you help?” I really don’t have time for community outreaches that give toys to children once a year. What those children need is parents who aren’t addicted. Parents who know how to love. Parents that are surrendered to Jesus. And they need it everyday not just the month of December.

We have a family policy that I think all believers should adopt. We only give to organizations that share the Gospel. Period. If Jesus isn’t in it then neither are we. 🙂

Join us as we share exactly that with a dying world.

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