who is your husband?

I recently wrote the following article for a blog for mothers and wives. The more I wrote the more I contemplated how we speak of THE bridegroom. You know, whether we are male or female if we claim to be a believer HE is our husband. How do we speak of Him? Do we bless Him with our words? Or do we constantly complain about Him not doing things our way? Something to pray about, huh? Please consider the following article in the sense of HIM being the husband you speak about.Since our heavenly Husband is not earthly or made of flesh how we represent Him to others is even more important. He is truly perfect.


Folks will pick up on not only the things we say about our husbands, but also how we say them. How do you speak of your husband? How do you speak to your husband? It is easy enough when he is being wonderful, but how about when he is being less than wonderful? Every husband is human and will have days when that is more evident than others. He may be tired or grouchy or worried or overworked. He may be stressed about the economy or even about caring for his aging parents. He may even just be being selfish. So how do you react?

Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.

Proverbs 31:23

How a wife reacts determines how he is thought of at the city gates. If she respects him, others will, even if he has disrespectful moments, as we all can. The worse thing we as wives can ever do is get on the phone and complain to others. That kind of behavior breeds discontentedness and will spread like the plague. We need to encourage one another with biblical advice. On more than one occasion, I have told a complaining wife that I absolutely will not listen to a woman badmouth her husband. And on the rare occasion that I was not bold enough to cut off a conversation like that, I wish I had.

Sooner or later that really grouchy hubby will stop being grouchy, but the way others look at him may never change. We never need to make excuses but we can always find a good point even in a bad day. So talk about the good things. And if it has been a really really bad day, stay off the phone and talk to God 🙂

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