from our tribe to yours in August

Here we go again, the busy season is starting. This time of year is for preparing. Bringing in the Harvest, both naturally and spiritually. A time of change. Preparing for winter, a time of gestation. I relate a lot to seasons. God created the seasons in life around us to give us an understanding of His Kingdom. It is up to us to search it out through study and prayer. What is He showing you through the seasons around us?

He is showing me how we often take the harvest for granted. We always assume there will be more and we aren’t good stewards. I am talking about the church in general. When was the last time you saw someone saved? How seriously do you pray for the lost. They are the harvest field. Are we letting them rot by the side of the road, neglected? Are we just expecting God to supply more? Do we have the attitude that if we mess up on this one we will just go on to the next? Or do we love them enough to tell them the truth like they were the only ones? Do we treat them like they are just another number? The harvest represents people, each individual, each extremely loved by God, each with an eternal soul. How seriously do we take the Gospel?

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