what is your name worth?


Proverbs 22:1

 A good name is more desirable than great riches;
       to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.


Not too long ago, I was chewed out by someone for something I said. I mean they were hot. And they were wrong because I never said it.

I truly admire quiet soft spoken meek folks. But that is not me. My gift is boldness and the propehtic speaking of  truth. And I speak it with authority. I once told 3 of my children who were being a little rowdy to sit down and every adult in the room also sat down. I don’t intend things like that, but it is one of the gifts God has given me and after years of arguing I finally submitted to Him. I say all of that to say, I do get persecuted for things I say. but I pray long and hard before I say them so I don’t mind. And I often will explain to those who don’t understand.

But when this dear friend whom I didn’t know well chewed me out, I was a little bothered. First of all because I could not figure out what in the world they were talking about, and second of all why were they giving me such a hard time. It wasn’t something I had supposedly said verbally but written. That was easy enough to check out. I write a lot in a lot of places, but Google confirmed what I already knew. I had not written about what this person thought. They must have confused me with someone else. I had barely given a half sentence opinion saying I wanted to know what all the talk was about on the subject. That was it. Yet this person had pretty much made up their mind and had me chained and convicted already. For something I did not do.

Well since I was not only confused but innocent I just gave the whole matter to God and He cleaned it up. I am still kinda shaking my head over it like a dog who ran into a parked car and says, “what was that?” But it reminded me of something.

I am constantly teaching my children that we represent Christ. and that our reputation is HIS reputation. what we do is seen by others as a reflection of who He is. I remind them, “the enemy will try to spread lies about you, but NEVER give him anything true to say.” As believers we are to be above reproach.

When we lived in So California our pastor there Gregg Laurie was such a great teacher of this, he followed Billy Graham’s example of never ever being seen out with a woman whom was not his wife. No matter how innocent it might be, it looks wrong. Even if it were a meeting or a lunch. Along those lines men should never counsel women alone and vice versa. It gives room for talk. Jim never prays for a woman at our church without me being very close or another mature in the Lord sister or one of our adult children. There is safety in numbers. Even a Word from God can be misunderstood if the ears are not in tune to the Lord.  Both Greg Laurie and Billy Graham have had successful marriages. I am sure their willingness to be above reproach has contributed to that.

So, is there any rumor the enemy could spread about you that might be partly true? Would it shame the cause of Christ? We need to each examine our lives daily. Folks are watching. Their flesh wants to see you fall, but their Spirit really wants to see someone excel in the Lord, they want to see that it is real. They want to see that if you fall, you repent and get back up. They want to know that when you have a bad day that you ask Jesus for help. They don’t want to see a plastic “everything is always wonderful” fake Christian. They want to see real, honest leaning on Jesus. And they want to see someone with a heart after God who loves Him enough to walk straight.

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    Well written, Penny.

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    Thank you, it means a lot coming from you 🙂 . I admire what y’all write.

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