in closing, needs and prayer requests,

In closing, yes we have needs.

Most of the ministry work I do is done on a computer that needed to be replaced 6 years ago. In computer years that would make it about a thousand years old 🙂 . The vehicle Jim drives to the prison and other ministry appointments just turned over the 200,000 mile mark. We often minister in other places and it takes gas and such. We have plenty of needs that we don’t talk about. And we don’t receive a salary. We minister to the needy, in a needy community and wouldn’t have it any other way, but the utilities still have to be paid. Think of us as missionaries. So I say all that to say, we are not asking for money. God called us into this, is has been 12 years. We have been ministering full time for 12 years. I know it is not His will that we pay the bills late. I know He has provision for us. Would you just join us in praying that we receive what He has appointed for us? I can stretch a dime better than anyone I know, but that doesn’t do any good if the dime is prevented from coming to us.  So please pray that we receive what he has for us with no hindrance.

We bless you for backing us up, and we love you so much more than words can say.

Penny, Jim, and the tribe

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    Kathy Aprile:


    I will pray for you, dear lady!
    The Lord Jehovah Shammah, El Shaddai, will be with you!
    He will use anyone He chooses to meet your need!
    (wish it were me)

    He knows…!

    The Lord bless you, filling you with His dunamis Power, strengthening you with His Might in your inner being, and renew your mind in The Lord with His Word!


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