from our tribe to yours in June

Well, I pray that y’all are enjoying this lovely season. We love having longer days. Good thing the days are longer because it seems like there is so much to do.

Seems like we all wear a dozen different hats as far as having things to do, and yet they are all timely. I guess this is just another one of those seasons. A resting season would be nice sometime soon. 🙂

Our family is not just a family but a ministry team. We are all involved in every aspect. It is such a blessing to see our children ministering to folks in a way that sometimes Jim and I can’t. That is how God intends for it to be. The body of Christ should be working that way, like different tools in a tool box. If we are all obedient, the Lord can look into His body and say to one member, “I need you here”. And then look to another and say, ” I need to use you here” . Using each of us like different tools. But sadly too much of the body is busy doing there own thing . And some are trying to call themselves instead of listening to Him. That is like a screwdriver trying to do a hammer’s job. Lord help us.  

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