somebody is watching you

With the current popularity of social media, it is getting harder to hide. Especially if you are doing something wrong. Which you shouldn’t be doing anyway. As parents we always teach our children that we pray that their sins will be found out.

“and you may be sure that your sin will find you out”   Numbers 32:23

And we teach them to pray that way for themselves. Now some folks might find that harsh, but do you want to be clean or don’t you? You can’t hide from God anyway. What a foolish thought when we think we can.

Trust me, if you are doing something wrong, somebody is going to see it and their faith in the Kingdom will be damaged.

Even more so in today’s world is it important to keep a clean reputation if we claim to be a Christian. The world is watching. The definitions are changing daily. A hundred years ago being a “God fearing man” meant a completely different thing to most folks than it does today.  Today most folks have no idea what it means, but even if they ventured an opinion it wouldn’t be biblical. In fact most opinions today from folks who think they are Christians are far from biblical. And we know not enough folks read their bible. We need to give Godly examples if we are ever to “win the lost”. Godly biblical examples. I was recently surprised to hear an opinon that it was “un-Christian to deny same sex married couples to adopt children” to “deny children of loving parents is just not right” the person said. See what I mean? The word parent doesn’t even mean the same anymore. much less the word marriage. So much has changed even in the last ten years.

So I challenge you. Don’t act like what the world thinks a Christian is like. Act like what Jesus thinks a Christian is like. His word is true and somebody is watching you, looking for a real example. Looking for real deliverance, real love, real life.

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    what truth! i love it.

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