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Faith Like Potatoes Coming to DVD


We saw the most incredible movie the other night that I wanted to tell y’all about. It was released in theaters some time back but not here in America. It was produced and shown in South Africa but was released here on DVD last week. I knew it was related to the Facing the Giants films so I knew it would be good even though it has a strange name. The movie is called “Faith Like Potatoes” and is the true story of Angus Buchan.

Angus Buchan is a white farmer in Africa. That alone could make for a good story, but it gets even better. In the midst of civil unrest, severe drought and just plain bad luck, Angus finds Jesus. His salvation experience has no bells or whistles, no fireworks or shouting evangelist. But it is very real and very believable. The movie starts out a little slow, but after awhile you realize that slowness has a purpose, you are drawn in to the story and the characters. Early on in the movie I began to think, either this actor that portrays Angus is very talented or God has His Hands on this movie. Turns out both are true. Angus Buchan is played by Frank Rautenbach and you can believe he is the angry, almost desperate sinner that he portrays in the beginning. You can also believe that he gets saved and turns into a compassionate believer. His wife is  also very talented and believable. I admired the way she stood by her man through thick and thin.

Even though Angus changes overnight his situation does not, which is also very believable and real. This is not a fairy tale story. He endures great hardships but realistically turns to faith. God answers in some surprising ways, also very believable. South Africa is very unstable at the time of this story and throughout the movie you can literally feel the impending danger. Through the faith and belief of one man the Lord is shown strong and mighty.

I really appreciated that at the end they show the viewer the real Buchan family, however I was so drawn in by the actor who portrayed Buchan that seeing the real one took a little getting used to.

If you are looking for a good movie you will enjoy this, but not be overly impressed. If you are looking for a God story you will be weeping and rejoicing with the realness of the Gospel and how faith is lived out in real life.

Family viewing notes- there is a nasty accident scene at approx 1: 26 (if you are watching your counter). It is when Angus is on the tractor with the children in chapter 22. It is a necessary part of the movie and the true story but  too graphic for younger viewers, lots of blood. The movie in general is very real, so may be a little scary for younger viewers, and the ‘before salvation” scenes have them acting like heathens, I would advise watching after childrens bedtime the first time so you know what to expect and when. It is worth watching more than once anyway. There are some subtitles.

Out of a possible 5 stars I give it ê ê ê ê ê cause I like the REAL thing

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