in closing, needs and prayer requests,

Well I had another of those conversations recently, you know the one where they tell us we should all get secular jobs and not be such a burden on the church. If I weren’t so tired of it I might laugh. We have literally given everything for the Gospel, how could we possibly be a burden? But what bothers Jim the most is that some folks still just don’t “get it”.  They are so busy trying to tell us how we ought to be doing things that they never realize they are missing the whole message we preach. Here it is in a nutshell.

Your Heavenly father adores you and wants a little “one on one” time with you.

So many folks want to spew out the story about how it isn’t about religion it is about relationship yet they never give any thought to what goes into a relationship. If a husband and wife never spend any “one on one”  time they have a very shallow relationship. Yet the bride of Christ completely neglects spending time with the Bridegroom.

Yet I know that I know there is a devoted remenant out there. I can see it in your eyes when we speak. It is like we share a secret, yet we want the world to know! We don’t want it to be a secret! HE doesn’t want it to be a secret!


Those of you that are praying and giving, I cannot begin to tell you what it means to us right now. Thank you so much.

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Blessings, we love you!

Penny, Jim, and the Raine Tribe

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