from our tribe to yours in March

Will Winter ever end? Ever feel like that? Just when things started blooming around here, WHAM! A surprise storm, over 8 inches of snow and it has lasted for days. And then it got slushy and muddy and just plain yucky. Ever feel like that describes your spiritual life? Surprise storms and slush and yuck? I see lots of folks who have tasted the goodness of the Lord and been free, really free, and now are walking with the Lord in heavy slow steps. Like they are being drug through mud. Well I have a revelation for you that might help. But first, news from our tribe.

Why do I refer to our family as a tribe? Not because of anything weird, but because that is how families were referred to in the Old Testament Days. They were whole families. With extended families. And they acted like families. And they grew so big that their community was known by what tribe lived there. Families did not consist of just a mom, dad and 2.3 children.

That kind of family planning is based on greed, greed of time, and money, and sadly often will fizzle out. But a tribe, as in the bible was based on growth, and expansion. Tribes took over areas. Towns were named after the tribe that lived there. That is how America used to be. Can you imagine what might happen if the tribe of Christianity were to grow and expand and take over America? No more economic crisis, no more abortion, no more killing and raping and stealing, no more crime or hate. Wow, I would like to live in that America. It is all a point of view, that is all that has to change. First act like your sisters and brothers in Christ are actually that, sisters and brothers, family. Second, give your future to God and His purposes, expand and grow, in spiritual knowledge and in physical numbers. Do I mean have more children, oops stepped on your toes now, didn’t I? I mean give it to God. If  He wanted to give you 10 $100 bills instead of 2.3 of them, would you give Him 50 reasons why you can’t take it? Um, let me see, my wallet isn’t big enough, my wallet isn’t new enough, I don’t have time or patience to count all those bills, and so on, and so on.

Isn’t that just foolish reasoning?

OK, so I said all of that to say this, “OUR TRIBE HAS INCREASED!” Yay!

May I introduce to you,

Miss Zoe Dawn, born on her Momma’s birthday February 13th. April, Jeremy and Zoe are all extremly happy.

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