go for the Gold

Why is it?

the US Army says, “Be All That You Can Be”

Olympic trainers say, “Go For The Gold”

children’s stories say, “Reach for the Stars”

motivational speakers say, “Go Big or Go Home”

athletes say, “No Pain, No Gain”

but the church says, “I’m not perfect,  just forgiven”

WHAT IS THAT? I will tell you what it is, an excuse for compromise and complacency. Whatever happened to, going the extra mile, giving the shirt off your back, willing to die for a cause, and denying self and picking up a cross? Whatever happened to standards and Holiness? Whatever happened to truth? Truth worth dying for?  And suffering because you knew that it was going to be worth it? And whatever happened to speaking it out loud?

It is time that the church of America, the one that stands for Jesus gets off her backend and does something real for the cause of Christ. Before it is too late and there is no more real church in America, or before there is no more America for that matter. 

What are you settling for? I love what Steven Hill said so often during the Brownsville Revival, “Is what you’re living for worth dying for?” Well that needs to be our slogan to the world. We need to return to the preaching that reminded us Hell is a real place. A place where there is no longer hope. We need to be reminded that our actions affect other’s lives. That what we say and do can direct a person’s path. We need some responsibility and accountability. Not the type of accountability that says, “did you read your bible today?’ But the type that says, hey that was WRONG, what are ya doin? The world is watching. ”  

We need to get real, and reflect that our Savior is real. Because very soon the Gospel is going to be seen as just another fairy tale.

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