from our tribe to yours in February

Well, I must say this is a hard time of year for us. It seems like everything is in limbo. There are jobs to be done, but everything around us says, “wait”. Like a racehorse in the gate, raring to go, but waiting for the gate to open. I long to be past a couple dates on the calendar, but then I long to add some new ones that are joyful. I long for the dreary days to be gone. I long for spring and flowers and having the windows open. I long for our community to realize the goodness of Jesus. I long for the body of Christ to realize they are killing of f  the next generation of  “workers for the harvest” which makes me concerned for those who need the Harvest. But for now it is wait, the seeds planted, the prayers sown. Time for patience. Time for Faith to water it all. Real faith, the kinds that hurts.

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