The Well

-is the site for our local church. The Well. 

Call in the lame and the halt.  

     Sometimes when the weather is nice enough we leave the front door at the church open during the worship time. It never fails just about every time the sound of worship draws someone in off the street. We have had folks show up who were suicidal or contemplating abortion. Jesus always meets them It doesn’t matter how many are in the pews, it matters how many are being reached and changed. If you are worshiping with all of your heart and focused on the King, it will change those around you. Come and join us and be changed.
     The Well is located in downtown Mt Pleasant TN. Check the site for more details, or give us a call at 931-379-9244. If you are hungry for more of Jesus and within driving distance then this is the place to be! We meet Thursdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 3. 
I Have recordings that have been uploaded to the site and more I am adding more all the time.  Check
I am in the process of changing the “happenings” page and making it like a blog where you can leave comments, please excuse the mess while I change over.   
I have been posting some of the Thursday night happenings as they happen.

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