in closing, needs and prayer requests,

In closing I have a few things to share, for those of you who have supported us through the year with prayer or gifts we thank you so much! We are operating on about half of what is needed. Usually the Lord gives me an idea of what is coming in as far as checks and such, He just usually tells me about how much not where it is coming from. Well everything he said would be coming around the end of the year has still not shown up. That happens from time to time, so those of you that pray would you please pray that what He has appointed for us actually reaches us. Sometimes things are sent but don’t reach us.

As we mentioned last month we are moving our mailing service to another carrier Aweber, I cannot subscribe for you , you must resubscribe yourselves, so if you wish to continue receiving these mailings please subscribe with the box in the right hand column. Or at .

Blessings,  we love you!

Penny, Jim, and the Raine Tribe

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