from our tribe to yours in January

As we await another snowstorm, (you never really know around here) I ponder things bigger than the weather. I appreciate having most of my family here under one roof. And the ones that aren’t I know are safe and sound. I appreciate having a new addition coming soon, well next month, a grandbaby. I appreciate a warm safe home. I appreciate that even though we don’t have lots of money in the bank, I hadn’t lost any recently either, and my freezer is full. I appreciate the stability of God’s Kingdom, nothing is a surprise to Him. So… what are you thanking God for?
While you are figuring that out I have some friends that need some prayer.
A very serious prayer request we have is for our dear pastor friends Kevin and Tabitha Young. Their newest son, Malachi was born 9 weeks early and is still in Vanderbilt, he very much needs a miracle and Kevin and Tabitha very much need the Lord to sustain them.


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    Will be praying.

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