are you in shape?

Well here we are in 2009. I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season with your families. This time of year I always am amazed at how many things happened since the last new years day that I never could have imagined. As I have written about a thousand times, seasons come and seasons go. The older you get the more you appreciate them. Some seasons are not easy but it is one that brings the next. We do our best to prepare but in the end that is all we can do. We cannot stop winter from coming anymore than we can stop summer. And without one we cannot have the other. Our lives are just like the seasons of the earth. We have trials and we have resting places, we grow, we wait. Great hurt brings about great love. Just like the farmer prepares for the harvest, which comes in God’s timing, believers should prepare for spiritual seasons, times of planting, growth, and harvesting, but in the end knowing it is all in God’s timing.
Are you prepared for spiritual growth? If you were stranded somewhere without your bible would you have enough of it inside of you to sustain you? If there was a drought of God’s Spirit around you, have you got your living water flowing From inside you? If you had to walk an extra mile for Jesus are you spiritually in shape? And if you came upon a dead man on the side of the road would you have enough faith to believe God could raise him up?
We are living in uncertain times. Politically, Spiritually, Economically, and Morally. Things could get really good or really bad. Things could get really, really hard which would eventually bring people to a place that they had to trust in Jesus, but in the mean time would half of the believers faint? Would they be too weary to go on believing? Or would they become like the dead man on the side of the road? The Body of Christ should be able to focus on winning the lost rather than motivating the compromised.

It is a time to prepare. Times are changing. Only those who know how to pray and worship like Paul and Silas are going to be free.

Get in shape.

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