from our tribe to yours in December


Well here we are another year nearly gone. I pray the Lord has blessed you, and prospered you in body, soul, and Spirit. What a year it has been. Here is our new picture and an update on everyone.

April and Jeremy got married in May, and then the Lord soon blessed them with a babe in the womb. We shall have our first grandchild in the Spring! We are so blessed to have Jeremy as part of our family.  God uses him in mighty ways, and he has been a good friend for many years.

April is still leading worship on Sundays. that girl amazes me, the minute she opens her mouth the presesnce of the Lord floods the room.   

Beau has taken over leading worship on Thursdays and he is incredible. the minute he opens his mouth you know it is God speaking. Prophecy non-stop.

Georgia, Hannah, and Moriah are the most intense prayer warriors I have ever seen.

Jacob is way to creative for His own good. He also has an ear to hear what the Lord is saying.  

Mercy is, well she is her name. She has also learned to read this past year and can give you a scripture right from God when you most need it.

As usual Jim is busy praying and preaching, Penny is busy hearing God and writing what He says. That is the update from us. What is new with your family?

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